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Dr Squid Gin


Squid ink is so powerful that just a bit is needed to give a gin its distinctive colour and flavour. Vanilla was added to compliment the sea buckthorn, which provides a tart and very refreshing finish. Dr Squid pours black and turns pink when mixed with tonic.

Shake can well prior to serving


The Shack

Serve with a premium tonic, ice, and a slice of orange or lemon. It also goes well with crushed ice and ginger beer.

More about Dr Squid Gin

The Dr Squid Gin is from an independent Cornish distillery, based in Penzance.

This distillery was born when a group of friends and experienced bar tenders from central London decided to pool their knowledge, move to the Southwest and start a distillery. Having all gained extensive experience in the hospitality industry, and drinks world, they have managed to successfully produce numerous gins and spirits, and the team at Pocketful of stones continues to expand!

Dr Squid Gin is all about the drama!

This unique gin is served from a copper flask which has been artfully engraved with scenery from the surrounding area, wildlife, folklore and history. It certainly is eye-catching sitting on our shelf and customers are drawn to this unique branding.

DR Squid Gin on beach with glass

With real squid ink used it has been a labour of love in its creation, which started in 2018.

Dr Squid Pours black and turns a light pink to create a Fabulously dramatic Gin and Tonic. The copper flask requires a vigorous shake prior to opening to ensure an even rich black Gin. With a plain premium tonic water added, the colour turns pink. Subtle flavours of spring blossoms develop and finish with a slight citrus rush.

If you want to impress the crowd, this is the perfect spirit to deliver on drama.

Customer Reviews


Lovely gin shop, beautiful decor and great customer service.


Lovely little shop specialising in South West England artisan gins. Very friendly and knowledgable proprietor.