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Thunderflower Elder Bay Blush Gin


Elder Bay Blush is a delightfully refreshing craft gin that combines two distilling techniques. The first step is to distil a London Dry Gin using vapour infusion to marry piney Juniper with our signature flavours of Elderflower and Bay Leaf, amongst others. We then infuse this gin with Rowan Berries, Hawthorn, Gorse and Rosehip, adding tartness and notes of jam. The result is a uniquely fragrant gin with a great depth of flavour that celebrates regional flavours.


The Shack

Serve your favourite premium tonic water over lots of ice.

Customer Reviews


Lovely artisan shop with a great selection of local gins. Really helpful and charming staff.


Helpful, kind and informative owners, with a beautifully decorated shop and brilliant selection of unique Gin.